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airpark photos, Terminal Building

Turning base  to 36

The early years 2006-7

Grass Runway 9/27 --->

      Chandelle Airpark ------>



            Museum --->

Luscomb Fly-In @ Tinklers


Sport Air Race - 2015

   Refueling at KTHA

Sport Air Race - 2015

   Refueling at KTHA

Sport Air Race League - 2015


TDOT - Aeronautics Division…2017 Airport of the Year: Tullahoma


The 2017 TAC Award for Airport of the Year was presented to Tullahoma Regional Airport/William Northern Field for their outstanding work in developing capacities for economic development while continuing to support their standard flying activities. As the home to over 140 based aircraft and experiencing approximately 40,000 flight operations per year, Tullahoma has realized record fuel sales for three consecutive years.


Additionally, KTHA is the home for the world class Beechcraft Heritage Museum, which remains a consistent visitor attraction.   Tullahoma Regional Airport hosted AOPA fly-ins in 2016 and 2019.  


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